Toyota Camry stuck in the sand

Toyota Camry stuck in the sand

Wednesday, February 07, 2024, at 10:32 p.m. (PT), we received a request for help with an offroad recovery in California on our emergency line. The requester, Glenn Gentry, submitted the following information: “He is on an off-road road that’s a dirt road, and he is in a Toyota Camry, and he is stuck in the sand and cannot get out. His cell phone is out of battery, the number provided is from Todd, the friend submitting this ticket / I’m with the vehicle.”

We put together the ticket with the information we received from Todd. However, we had no way to verify his location since the actual person who needed the recovery had no means of communication.

From the volunteers contacted, the following morning, we had Robert Mashburn taking over the recovery. He was available at 8:00 a.m. and was coming with Jesus Arias, another local volunteer from the group Desert Recovery.

Once we knew Robert and Jesus were on their way, we reached out to Todd to let him know. The situation was a bit confusing, Todd also decided to go find his friend in the morning and mid morning, he told us he found him and got him out.

At that point, I reached out to Robert, who was already nearby and updated him on this. Robert decided to find them anyway and make sure they were ok. Robert and Jesus found them both stuck in the sand and got them out.

Robert later sent us a quick note and a couple of photos: “Well, it’s always wild out in Hinkley…. Upon arrival, we observed two vehicles stuck in the mud. We established that both vehicle operators were present. We went to work carefully, pulling them from the mud. No additional damage was done to either of the vehicles or mine.
I’m not sure why they would reach out to you and say they were out…  I’m glad we went and checked for ourselves!  You already sent me a sticker, so I won’t need one. It was mine and Jesus’ pleasure assisting with this recovery!

We appreciate Robert’s and Jesus’s help. As always, the guys from the group Desert Recovery go above and beyond. We also want to extend our thanks to Eddie Kochara, who is always ready to help find volunteers. (offroad recovery in California)

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