Nissan Xterra stuck in Montana

Saturday, at around 12:15 p.m. (PST), we received a recovery request from Montana, where Mitchell Dickinson while driving his Nissan Xterra got high centered in snow.

We didn’t have a lot of volunteers in this area, but we tapped into our partners’ Facebook page, Montana 4×4 rescue, and also another local group Montana Back Roads 4×4 Club.

In less than 3 hours and thanks to a bunch of people who shared the post and look for friends nearby to help, Mitchell was out. Steve Settle from Kalispell’s Big Sky 4 Wheelers 4×4 Club saw the request for assistance and contacted a member of the closest Montana 4×4 Association club, relaying all the required information. A member of Frontier 4×4, the closest club, headed out soon after.

Richard Hiltz from Frontier 4 Wheelers took care of the recovery and did an awesome job helping Mitchell.