Oregon Icy Recovery

Oregon Icy Recovery

Friday, April 8th, at 12:40 p.m., we received a recovery request from the south of Oregon, where Blake Gillespie got stuck while driving his Ford F-250 4×4. The condition of the road was icy snow and he was high centered. He left the vehicle on the trail last Sunday.

Blake’s note: My 1990 Ford F-250 4×4 is stuck in the snow(ice). I went to pull a sxs out and got myself stuck last Sunday. Truck has been stuck all week. Made several attempts to retrieve by myself. Tires are low on tread. Bigger vehicle with winch is probably needed. I also have winch mounted in front of vehicle but can’t get turned around. It was too dark for photos. I’m trying to get the truck out today. / I’m not with the vehicle.

By 12:50 p.m., after we initially contacted Blake, and verified the location and current situation, we submitted the ticket to our volunteers. No more than 20 minutes later we had a group of volunteers coordinating with Blake.

The next day, one of our volunteers, Paul accompanied by Kevin, and Angel Baugh from the group: Rogue Valley 4Wheelers club took care of the recovery. By 10:02 a.m., Paul announced in our lobby the vehicle was recovered and the ticket was closed.

Thank you guys for saving the day!

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