Pitch dark RV recovery near Carlton

Pitch dark RV recovery near Carlton

Saturday afternoon, we received a ticket for a request for recovery near Carlton. The admins were told this was a recovery for very experienced members. So the criteria used was to activate everybody in Washington County with a winch and level 6, our top-level on our app.

It was decided right away that Reco was going to be the main point of coordination on this recovery, but he still needed help. Once we submitted the ticket to volunteers, within 20 seconds, we got 10+ guys reading the request.

Everybody landed in the lobby and saw the request to meet up in Carlton. Reco, Allen, Timothy, and Will marked themselves as “Engaged.” The rest of the group invited on this ticket stay and watched the recovery unfold thru the lobby.

By 10 p.m., all volunteers gather at the Carlton Market, and from there, they head up to Ginger Creek Road.

The request was for a full-size RV/Trailer/Toy Hauler stuck in the snow, inches away from the sliding out of the road.

Notes from Will: 

  • Met bother in law at market. Drove up, unloaded all the atvs and dirt bikes
  • Reco got positioned. We ran 3 snatch blocks and grabbed it by the axle
  • Moved the trailer over, then grabbed the hitch on the pick up and slid it over
  • Reco then went around and hooked up to the front of the Ram and they daisy chain the trailer up the road and got it turned around, then back down loaded the toys and off we went.

The requester previously contacted a towing service who quoted $2,500, taking a $250 deposit. On arrival, they raised the price to $3,200 and told the owner they would likely damage the vehicle. 

Our group was able to recover the vehicle without any damages.

Lobby Notes:

We tested our new lobby functionality twice on the same day. I made a few improvements on the fly. 

The lobby allowed us to see easily who was going, where to meet. On arrival, volunteers texted each other, bouncing those texts back to the lobby automatically, making it possible for all standing-by volunteers to stay updated.

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