Recovery in Michigan

Recovery in Michigan

August 18th, at 6:00 p.m. (PST) we received a request for a recovery submitted by Seton Sieracki who got high centered while driving his 2012 GMC Sierra Z71.

His request read: “Back in the woods off of m35, trails leading to my forward facing direction are gravel and rock, maybe half a mile in. My truck is a silver GMC Sierra 2012 with the z71 package. High centered on drivers side. Truck is in lowland where water is built up making it mucky. Not much of muck as the ground is firm under the first two inches. Not asking for a pull unless willing, asking for help getting my rig off high centered then maybe a pull through ruts. Ground becomes immediately firm after mud/ruts. / I’m not with the vehicle”

Honestly we only had a few volunteers in the area, so we invited anybody in a 100 miles radius and also shared on our partner’s facebook website Michigan 4×4 Rescue.

Not longer than 90 minutes later, we got Anthony Chase who saw the request on facebook and created his account to jump on our lobby and take care of the request.

The next day he scoped the terrain in the morning and got him out a few hours later. Thank you Anthony! Great work!

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