Street Tires Do not Belong on snowy trails

Out of the most recent recoveries we had, the most common denominator is people driving 2wd trucks on snowy trails with street tires.

This week, we received a request from Salmonberry Shooting Pit. Two trucks found themselves stranded in the snow. We submitted the ticket; Reco jumped on it and contacted them.

One of our volunteers, Jared, who initially was trying to help these guys had a Suburban, and he also, earlier that day, found himself stuck while trying to help. At that point, he stayed on the road and helped Reco find the location, and waited for him to get back down.

A few minutes after we knew we had volunteers in route, I contacted the requester and let them know we had a recovery in progress.

Reco arrived 30 minutes later to find two Chevy trucks in the ditch, both up in the mountainside covered by snow. Both vehicles were 2wd and had slick tires. Reco didn’t need to use his winch at all; with a pull, he took them out once by one. He finished in less than 30 minutes.

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