Tacoma stuck in the snow

Tacoma stuck in the snow

Saturday, February 11th, at 2:45 p.m., we received an off-road recovery request submitted from southern Oregon by Ada Cristales, who turned on a secondary road and got stuck in the snow while trying to turn around.

We verified the contact information and location and requested some photos from Ada before passing the request to the volunteers. We also suggested she deflate her tires and try to see if she could get some traction, but that didn’t help.

The request was handled by Marc Estep, who was coming from working on the Grants Pass recovery earlier.

He sent us a note about this recovery:It was pretty basic. 100 yards off the pavement. 30″ of snow. Straight line winch. She was able to back out after we got her winched back on top of the packed/frozen snow.

By 4:00 p.m., Marc closed the ticket in our lobby. Awesome work Marc; thanks for helping on both recoveries.

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