Bad ideas, good stories…

Bad ideas, good stories…

Sunday, November 19th, 2023, at 12:07 p.m. (PT), a request for an offroad recovery south of Sacramento in California was received in our system. The requester, Bryan Gutierrez, submitted the following information: “Truck stuck in clay. Was off roading . Made the mistake of driving In construction site. Really need your guys help / I’m with the vehicle“.

offroad recovery south of Sacramento in California
Photo submitted by Bryan

We verified the location and contact information with Bryan. We also verified he was not trespassing and then submitted the request to our local volunteers.

A local volunteer, Michael White, responded to the offroad recovery south of Sacramento in California within 2 minutes. He was 27 minutes out and getting ready to go. By 12:48 p.m., he arrived at the location, and no more than 20 minutes later, he closed the request once he got Bryan out.

Michael later sent us some photos and this quick note about the recovery: “This was a surprisingly quick recovery. I hooked my 80′ winch line to his 20′ strap that was hooked to his truck already. I then winched him in about 50′-60′ to a bend in the road to where the ground was more stable but still muddy. He was able to then back out the way he came in. This was a construction site for a home development. He did not air down, but he did have two traction boards.

We would like to thank Michael for such a rapid response and great job helping Bryan with his request for help with this offroad recovery south of Sacramento in California.

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