Volvo to the rescue!

Monday, 25th, at 6:22 pm (PST), we received a recovery request from Washington, where Ryan Johnson got stuck while exploring on his Pathfinder 4×4. He was high centered on snow. We contacted Ryan, checked all the information, completed the GPS location and submitted the ticket to our volunteers nearby.

Here is the information we received: My 1997 Nissan Pathfinder 4×4 is stuck on the main road up to Evans creek off road vehicle park. It is in the middle of the road. High centered on snow, I thought it was more capable than it was. I’m not currently with the vehicle. But am able to give directions I’d have to get pulled back enough to get me to a better spot to turn around and get out. Nothing is damaged, its just stuck in the middle and I need a vehicle capable enough to get it. My pathfinder is completely stock and I bet something that’s lifted that’s good in snow with lockers and a winch will help.

No more than 15 minutes later, Jason Holm, took over the recovery, contacted Ryan and coordinated the recovery for the next day. The following day, at 6 pm, they got together and Jason was able to pull the recovery by himself. He told us, he signed up thinking he was going to be needing help in the future, but he ended up actually recovering somebody, and for his surprise, and thanks to his off-roading experience, he was able to pull that off on his stock Volvo all wheel-drive using just a kinetic rope.

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