VW Touareg on a muddy trail

VW Touareg on a muddy trail

July 6th, 2023, at 11:13 p.m. (CDT), a request for help with an offroad recovery was received in our system from Wisconsin. Joseph Bruening, the requester, submitted the following information: “On a muddy trail just off North Island Lake road. The vehicle is a 2006 VW Touareg with 4-wheel drive and locking diffs. / I’m not with the vehicle“.

Our admin in that region, David Mrak, handled the ticket. He passed it to local volunteers. But the following morning, after chatting with the requester, he learned they were trying to recover the vehicle using UTVs without any luck.

On July 8th, the third day of this request, David himself drove 7.5 hours (450 miles) and worked on the recovery with one of his daughters. By the time they got there, it was getting dark, so they camped for the night in their rooftop tent and made the recovery in the morning.

Here is a photo of David’s rig and camping setup, the day they arrived at the recovery scene

I can’t say enough about our volunteers, David, not only volunteers his time as an administrator for the region but also serves as a volunteer helping on the field when needed. Amazing!.

Here are some photos David sent us from this recovery.

We need more volunteers in this area; please consider joining us using this link!

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