Went fishing… got stuck…

Roberto Cato in his request said: “I’m stuck in the river bed in cajon pass behind the shell station I’m in a astro van been here for two days running out of food won’t take much more than a tug to get me out but I don’t have money nor do I know anyone to call I’m 58 and know better than to try this but we only live once so please help if you can I have tried everything the sand is soft / I’m with the vehicle”

We contacted him, verified his information and ask for GPS location and some photos. Once we got all the information we passed this to our volunteers. We only had 25+ volunteers near that area.

Within an hour we had volunteers from the group Desert Recovery moving toward the request and in less than 2 hours Roberto was out.

Special thanks goes to Kelly Gregg of Desert Recovery and to Jeff Deputy for helping coordinate the recovery too.