F150 Raptor buried to the frame

Carlos’s truck

Friday 13th, at 6:20 pm (PST), we received a request from Nevada submitted by Carlos Perez, who, while driving his F150 Raptor got badly stuck in a dry lake bed near Echo Bay Launch Ramp, 40 miles east of Vegas.

We verified the information on the ticket with Carlos, and once everything was checked, at 6:28 pm we submitted the request to our volunteers in the area. By 6:49 pm, we had Brian Glicken, who jumped on the recovery to help and contact Carlos to coordinate the recovery. Brian and a few friends from SNORR helped get Carlos out. By 8:52 pm Brian closed the request in our web app. Carlos a few minutes after once he got service confirmed he was out and safe and was very thankful for the help he received.

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