SUV stuck on a service road

SUV stuck on a service road

Sunday, January 28th, 2024, at 6:56 p.m. (ET), we received a request for help with an offroad recovery in Atlanta, Georgia. The requester, Michael Findley, submitted the following information: “stuck on a service road and ready to get out now / I’m with the vehicle.

We contacted Michael to verify the location and contact information and get some photos. By 7:10 p.m., the request was submitted to local volunteers. By 7:20 p.m., we had Chandler Davidson already offering to help, and a few minutes later, we also got Dakota Smith.

By 7:49 p.m., Chandler shared a brief note: “Onsite now they have a rollback stuck, so waiting on them to get it out off the way. They are on the pipeline easement.” while Dakota was 8 minutes out.

By 8:34 p.m., Dakota updated the lobby; both vehicles were recovered.

A note from Chandler

We later got a quick note from Chandler: “I did not take many pictures as it was getting late and I was more focused on getting the requesters out. I got the text for the recovery and after checking the info I called and found it was 2 vehicles a Range Rover and a 2wd F150 stuck. They were on a pipeline easement and they were accessing the backside of the requesters property when he got stuck and the f150 got stuck trying to get  him out. I threw my boots on and jumped in the truck. When I get onsite the requester had called a tow company that tried to get down the pipeline and got stuck. Once the tow company got the rollback out of the way I got down there and winched them both out pretty quick. By then Dakota had showed up with two more rigs and assisted them the final 30 yards to the pavement as both vehicles kept sliding down the hill. Great teamwork and I couldn’t have done it without Dakota because both vehicles had me blocked from getting around them to get them to the pavement.

We want to thank both volunteers for teaming up and doing a great job.

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