Stuck with four kids in the vehicle

Stuck with four kids in the vehicle

Saturday, January 27th, 2024, at 8:26 p.m. (CT), we received a request for help with an offroad recovery in Texas near Denton and close to the Elm Fork Trinity River. The requester, Chance Johnson, submitted the following information: “I have a 4 month year old with me along with 3 other kids a 3, 7 and 10 year old. Just got stuck about 6inchea in the rear passenger side I have a tow strap just need a boost to get out. Please and thank you / I’m with the vehicle.

Once we verified all the information, we sent the request to local volunteers. Within the hour, we had a few volunteers involved. Rebecca Sparks, who had a friend nearby in a yellow jeep trying to get to where the stuck vehicle was, and also David Torres, who was 50 minutes away but willing to assist.

Later we learned there were two vehicles stuck. By midnight, Rebecca closed the request and announced every vehicle was recovered.

We appreciate the help from Rebecca, her friend, and David; you guys are amazing.

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Offroad places near Denton to explore

Nestled in the heart of Texas, Denton offers more than just its charming cityscape. For adrenaline junkies and off-road enthusiasts, the surrounding areas boast a plethora of thrilling 4×4 trails, providing the perfect escape into nature. Buckle up and get ready to explore the rugged terrains that Texas has to offer!

A view of the Texas Hill Country from the Willow City Loop, a 13 mile-long private ranch road north of Fredericksburg in Gillespie County. Given its location, climate, terrain, and vegetation, the Hill Country in Central and South Texas can be considered the border between the Southeast and Southwest United States.

By Randy von Liski

North Texas Off-Road Ranch: Located just a short drive from Denton, the North Texas Off-Road Ranch (NTORR) is a haven for off-road enthusiasts. This expansive off-road park spans over 1,000 acres and features diverse terrains, including muddy trails, rocky climbs, and challenging obstacles. With trails suitable for all skill levels, NTORR is an ideal destination for both beginners and seasoned off-roaders.

Bridgeport 2014-07-06
By Jeff Brint

Bridgeport OHV Park: Venture a bit further northwest, and you’ll discover the Bridgeport OHV Park, a premier off-highway vehicle park catering to off-road enthusiasts. With over 300 acres of varied terrain, including hills, creeks, and rocky outcrops, this park offers a thrilling experience for 4×4 enthusiasts. The park is well-maintained, ensuring a safe and enjoyable off-road adventure.

2011 JK "SHAMROCKED" crawling the Rock Garden at BMRA. (LSCJ: CF-JEEP)
By Jeff Brint

Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area: For those seeking a more challenging off-road experience, head east to the Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area. This off-road paradise spans 1,850 acres and is known for its diverse trails, from scenic dirt roads to extreme rock crawling challenges. Campsites are available for those looking to extend their off-road adventure into a weekend getaway.

Red River Motorcycle Trails: While primarily a destination for dirt bikes and ATVs, the Red River Motorcycle Trails near Bulcher, Texas, also welcomes 4×4 vehicles. The 2,500-acre park offers a variety of trails, from open meadows to dense wooded areas, providing a unique off-road experience for all skill levels. The park’s picturesque landscape adds to the overall charm of the adventure.

General Sam’s Off-Road Park: Situated south of Denton in Huntsville, General Sam’s Off-Road Park is another gem for off-road enthusiasts. Boasting over 700 acres of diverse terrain, this park offers a mix of mud pits, challenging trails, and scenic landscapes. With camping facilities on-site, it’s the perfect destination for an extended off-road getaway.

Denton, Texas, is not only a vibrant city but also a gateway to thrilling off-road adventures. Whether you’re a novice seeking a weekend getaway or an experienced off-roader looking for a new challenge, the variety of 4×4 trails near Denton ensures there’s something for everyone. Pack your gear, rev up your engine, and get ready to conquer the rugged beauty of Texas off-road trails!

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