Wrangler stranded in soft mud in Virginia

Wrangler stranded in soft mud in Virginia

Monday, January, 30th at 8:26 (EST) we received an offroad recovery request from Virginia submitted by Christian McDaniel. His description read: “I am on the 2nd camping trail off of crabtree falls highway. Deep in, almost to the end of the road in soft mud. / I’m with the vehicle

Our administrator for the east coast, Brandon Brooks handled the request.

Brandon contacted the requester and by 8:30 a.m., just 4 minutes after receiving the ticket, he was sharing the request with local volunteers and local facebook pages.

Patrick Malphrus, a local volunteer, jumped into action in less than 30 minutes. By noon Brandon closed the ticket and updated that Patrick got them out.

I reached to Patrick for notes and here is his response:I’m sorry, but I didn’t take any pics or have any notes other than the ground is very soft right now and covered with leaves. Also, Crabtree Meadows can be treacherous if you pull off the main road. This is a case of someone trying to turn around in a very soft area and then getting very stuck in a vehicle that didn’t have lockers or good tire tread. It all worked out ok, though. 

Thank you Patrick for helping with this, and thanks to the other volunteers from the area who were also ready to help. Incredible response in that area.

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