Rolled Jeep in California

Rolled Jeep in California

On June 8th, 2023, a request for an offroad recovery was requested from California. The requester, Dakota Conway, had his vehicle rolled, a white Jeep Wrangler.

His request detailed:4×4 Wrangler 2016 rolled it upside down needs to be flipped back over need a winch or more muscle to pull it to flip downhill / I’m with the vehicle

We verified the location with Dakota, and his contact information and gathered some photos. Once we got everything ready, we submitted the request to local volunteers. We got Lorenzo Loche, getting ready to take care of this request, but a few minutes later, we received a note from Eddie Kochara who had volunteers from Desert Recovery much closer to this request.

desert recovery offroad rescue
Guys from the group Desert Recovery after flipping the Jeep

Volunteers sent by Eddie Kochara arrived, met with Dakota, and minutes later flipped the jeep.

Thank you, guys; fantastic job, as always.

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