Stuck in a muddy trail in Alabama

Stuck in a muddy trail in Alabama

Wednesday, November 17th, at 10:35 a.m. (CST), we received a request from Alabama, where Dustin Perry, a repeater customer, got stuck while trying to pull from a hunter’s campsite.

His ticket read: “2017 Chevy city express fwd and a small trailer. Went to pull out of a hunters campsite and the path is muddy. Stuck and need to be pulled forward. I also need to reattach my trailer I tried to remove it to help free me and didn’t work. There is plenty of room in front of me to pull from. I have no recovery gear but my van has tow points in the front. There is also an older woman with a Honda Odyssey who is still in the campsite which she will need assistance getting through the same spot I’m in. GPS coordinates are 33°28’56.5″N 85°53’14.4″W / I’m with the vehicle”.

We communicated with him within 10 minutes, and after checking his contact info and location we started lookin for volunteers. He submitted a few photos we added to the ticket.

This area was about 20-30 miles out from any registered volunteers, we expanded the search a bit, and within 30 minutes we got Cassidy Hullett, a volunteer that was about an hour and 15 minutes out but willing to drive over. By 2:18 p.m. (CST) Cassidy closed the ticket and updated the lobby. He got them out and on their way.

Thanks Cassidy, awesome job!.

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