Stuck in Southern Nevada BDR

Monday, December 26th, at 9:50 a.m. (MST), Sky Shao, submitted a request for help from Southern Nevada. He was going thru the Nevada Backcountry Discovery Route, near Road 266 and got high centered on snow.

We verified the contact information, got some photos, and checked the GPS coordinates. In this area, we have very few volunteers within an acceptable range.

Since the cell data reception was pretty spotty, we had to entered the ticket for the recovery ourselves with the information provided by phone with had from Sky.

We submitted the request and also invite some members of SNORR, a local recovery group that has a large based of volunteers. One of the admins for Snorr, Jacob Schmidt passed the information to the group and coordinated with us, keeping us updated throughout the recovery process.

The closest volunteers we had was 75+ miles away, but he would have to go around a mountain to get here… so he was not an option. Snorr had one volunteer, Tom Wolf, who was around 2 hours away.

The recovery went pretty straight forward, and by 1:30 p.m., Tom arrived to where Sky was. BY 3:12 p.m., We got confirmation from Sky, that he was recovered and back on the road. I had also received notes from our admin in NV, Brian Glicken who not only kept us informed, and helped us coordinated, but also shared photos of the recovery.

Special thanks to Tom Wolf and the group SNORR for helping with this recovery.