We rented a Jeep and now we need help!

Thursday, 2:22 p.m., we received a recovery request from Holly Vaughan, who drove a rented jeep with her husband near Bend on a snowed road, and they got stranded. 

By 2:40 p.m., several volunteers offered help, but they all were available later in the afternoon since this was a weekday. A few minutes later, Kanan, one of our volunteers in this area, took upon himself to help the couple. 

Here is the story of the recovery by Kanan: Today, we got a text for a recovery out west past Bend, Oregon. I called the requesters to confirm their location and to determine how badly stuck they were. Jenna (my girlfriend) got the FJ cruiser outfitted and immediately left. Even though it wasn’t too far outside of Bend, we decided to completely gas up the FJ because of a controlled burn that was currently in progress less than 2 miles from the client’s position. When we arrived, we found the couple with their Rental Jeep stuck in the snow. They had tried to use tree branches under the tires to get some traction but since they were in a divot with snow on both up hills. The Jeep was on bald street tires, which didn’t help with their traction either. I was able to turn my truck around and back up towards them. My kinetic rope was not quite long enough, but I had other recovery ropes to make it stretch all the way to the Jeep. It only took one easy pull to get them all the way back onto the road and to a place with no snow to turn around. Overall it was a rather easy recovery, and we were able to help someone else.

By 4:15 p.m., Kanan closed the ticket. Another successful recovery by our volunteers!

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