Our System

Our System

After more than 18 months working on the system we currently use, with more than 850 hours of software development we feel pretty proud to be the first group organizing Recoveries with a complete custom made software.

Our system allows our members to control they our preferences and update their equipment, experience, contact information and location they choose to assist. While the same system allows anybody, offroaders, overlanders, or just anybody who might need help, to request a recovery.

Our administration panel allow us to quickly assign the request to our members based on their location and also allow our members to privately share notes and coordinate the recoveries in their own private area. The volunteers get to see all the contact information for the person requesting help, the location of the incident and also to see volunteers involved and to invite other members to help on a recovery even if they are not members yet. Our system is open to anybody, we work with all other groups who might have volunteers in other areas.

If you have a properly equipped vehicle and have the willingness to help others, sign up to be a volunteer. It is free and you will be also helping build a great community of off-road enthusiasts helping each other. If you go offroad, save this link on your phone so you can request help if you ever need or save this number (503) 877-5263

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