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Once we receive your request we will contact you and assign a group of volunteers. We don’t use facebook to organize recoveries. We have our own in house developed proprietary system.

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If you find yourself stuck while out of cellphone range, you can use a Garmin Communicator or Ham Digital Radio to send us a message. Please include your GPS location, radio type (HAM/FRS), radio frequency (for HAM) or Channel and Sub-channel (for FRS), and a description of the situation so we can initiate a recovery.

Offroad Recoveries

Recovery in Lake county, CA

Tuesday, 21st, at 7:14AM we received a request for a recovery of a 4Runner stuck in some trail near Indian Valley Reservoir.

Arizona recovery!

Around 3am (CT) we received a recovery request from Arizona. Where Andrew Braeden Puzder, gto stuck while driving his BMW 328. He

Ford Ranger stuck in the sand

Saturday, June 11th at 2:39pm (PST), we received a recovery request from California, near Lake Isabella, 30 miles east of Bakersfield where

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2022 Subaru Outback

The new edition of the popular crossover SUV is the most off-road capable yet. The Subaru Outback is one of the most

About our system...

In this section you can learn more about how our system works and how our volunteers participate and organize recoveries. You can join us by becoming a member!

System Updates

We are very excited to present the newest version of our system with throughout GPS integration. This improvement allows us to allocate

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If you already signed up as a volunteer, let others know you are a member of Offroad Portal! To order a 6×6

We are there!

Since we started to expand our system to assist in recoveries across all 50 states, we received such good warming feedback. (The

Our System

We built our recovery system and continue to improve it.

Koin 6 news

Danny Peterson, from Koin 6 news, did a great interview last week to share more about our organization and how we helped