Welcome to our page. We have the biggest network of Volunteers across all 50 States, offering fellow community enthusiasts free off-road vehicle recoveries. We work in collaboration with dozens of 4×4 clubs and groups of volunteers helping coordinate the toughest off-road recoveries.

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Welcome to our page. We have the biggest network of Volunteers across all 50 States, offering fellow community enthusiasts free off-road vehicle recoveries. We work in collaboration with dozens of 4×4 clubs and groups of volunteers helping coordinate the toughest off-road recoveries.


Fill the form… Once we receive your request we will contact you and assign the request to a group of volunteers. Make sure to include your GPS location, photos and contact information. 

To share an emergency message to our off-roading volunteers, send us an email to: info@offroadportal.org

Save this number:

You can send us a TEXT MESSAGE, or if you are out of cellphone range, you can use a Garmin Communicator or Ham Digital Radio to send us a message. Please include your GPS location, radio type (HAM/FRS), radio frequency (for HAM) or Channel and Sub-channel (for FRS), and a description of the situation.

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Latest 4x4 Rescue and Off-road Recoveries

Read about the latest recoveries here, have some to share?, click in this link to send them our way, we love to share all recoveries!

Stuck at University Firepower trail

Thursday, March 16th, 2023, at 11:16 PM (PST), an alert was received from Oregon. Sharli, reported having their vehicle stuck in Browns Camp OHV. The request read: “Lifted 2003 Toyota RAV4 with 4wd and A/T

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3 vehicles stuck near Moab

Thursday, March, 16th, 2023, at 8:02 AM (MST) we received a request for an offroad vehicle recovery near Moab, UT. David Webster and his friends were caught in a slippery situation and had to leave

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Recoveries done a few days ago...

We’re stuck in a snow drift

Saturday, January 7th 2023, at 2:20 PM (PST) we received a request for help from near Sweet Home, Oregon, where Matthew Palmer told us he had his Subaru high-center in snow. They got stuck, left

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Stuck in the snow in New Mexico

This recovery was received at 12:45 PM (MST) in a partner web group called New Mexico Off Road Recovery+. Cody Stuart reported “I was wondering if anyone could help come pull my jeep out of

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Meet Our Team of Administrators!

This 2022 was the year Offroad Portal grew into a big group of friends pulling this forward. From the Volunteers, the clubs, and organizations working with us to the volunteer administrators taking care of all

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High-centered since midnight…

Let 2023 begin… Sunday, January 1st, 10 AM (MST), we received a request for recovery from Idaho, where Cole Myers reported being stuck to his frame in mud and ruts in his 2011 Ford Expedition.

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Jeep Wrangler took on water

Saturday, December 31st 2022 at 12:36 PM (EST), we received a recovery from South Carolina submitted by Luis Martinez who reported having his 2016 Jeep Wrangler submerged in water and unavailable to drive it out.

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Happy New Year from all of us!

This 2022 was the year Offroad Portal grew into a big group of friends pulling this forward. From the Volunteers, the clubs, and organizations working with us to the administrators taking care of all the

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Tractor stuck in mud in Texas

Sometimes requests can sound pretty strange. But if our members are up for lending a helping hand, well, we post them and wait. This was the case for a recovery we received, initially by phone,

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Stuck in Southern Nevada BDR

Monday, December 26th, at 9:50 AM (MST), Sky Shao, submitted a request for help from Southern Nevada. He was going thru the Nevada Backcountry Discovery Route, near Road 266 and got high centered on snow.

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Car caused rock slide, stuck on cliff

Saturday, December 24th at 1:40 PM (PST), we received a request for urgent help from Southern California, where Fillip Gladkov found himself in a sketchy situation after getting into a rock slide with his vehicle.

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Chevrolet Avalanche stuck in WA

Friday, December, 23rd, at 7:47 AM (PST), we received a request for help from Washington where Duane Conway found himself stuck in his Avalanche over some roots. We submitted the request to local volunteers, and

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Sharing Expert Advice

In this section you read articles from experienced drivers who share their knowledge with us!

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In this section you can learn more about how our system works and how our volunteers participate and organize recoveries. You can join us by becoming a member!

Koin 6 news

Danny Peterson, from Koin 6 news, did a great interview last week to share more about our organization and how we helped during the winter storm of 2021. To learn more click on this link.

Upgraded Backend

During the last few months we were working on some changes for the backend to allow our volunteers to coordinate their efforts with ease. Starting now, when our volunteers received a text message with a

How to request a recovery!

If you have Cell Service: In order to request a recovery, we need to first capture as much information about you and your situation as possible. In order to do that we created an app

Offroad Recovery Portal

How does this works?

By now most of you understand we don’t use facebook to organize our recoveries. That’s what we used to do when we started years ago. Our facebook page is now mostly to chat and share

Integration Completed

We finally completed our integration with Twilio giving us the tools we needed to coordinate efforts with our volunteers. The new system is fully integrated and from within our system connects our volunteers with us

4x4 and AWD Vehicles Reviews

Want to see your rig featured here? email us your photos and story to: info@offroadportal.org
Car reviews provided courtesy of Pamplin Media Group.

All-new 2021 Ford Bronco Sport hits the spot

The new small crossover breaks the mold with boxy looks and real off-road ability. Ford has brought back the legendary Bronco nameplate this year with two all-new vehicles. It’s important from the outset to distinguish

2022 Subaru Outback heads into the Wilderness

The new edition of the popular crossover SUV is the most off-road capable yet. The Subaru Outback is one of the most capable crossover SUVs available on the market. Whether you choose the most basic

Nissan Titan is built to compete

A full-sized truck that can be ordered to fit any budget and lifestyle, from basic pickup to off-road ready adventure vehicle. If you ask truck buyers to list all the full-size trucks, they sometimes forget

GMC revives the Hummer as an electric vehicle

According to GMC, the Hummer EV will offer 1,000 horsepower and an unprecedented 11,500 pound-feet of torque from its electric drivetrain. GMC has announced plans to revive the Hummer nameplate, but the new vehicle represents

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